1. Select Manufacturer and Model of Gun. (Winchester 1892 Replica made by Uberti, the Manufacturer is Uberti)

2. Select Sight Base Manufacture part number. (This is the base only that will be attached to the tang of the gun)

3. Select the Mounting Screw Set. (Some bases are interchangeable with multiple guns but need specific screw sets- Example: T/C Scout takes the same base as Uberti 1885 but the screws are different)

4. There are 4 interchangeable uprights that are sold separately. Each allow you to adjust elevation out to different ranges with the same base. Our #1 upright (shortest) does not clear the receiver on some guns to the lowest possible upright to purchase for this gun is our #2 upright. (lowest setting will start you at short range shooting out to at least 100 yards)

Select Part # for Base
Select Part # for Screw Set
Select Part # for all desired uprights
(Different heights for different ranges)​​

One aperture provided with each post

Improved Peep Tang Sight

Marble Arms® Improved Peep Tang Maintenance & Care

Marble Arms® Improved Peep Tang Sight List by Manufacturer
*Lowest upright height varies depending on gun. Recommended lowest height provided. Short upright/Standard upright.

Marble Arms® Improved Peep Tang Additional Components

Windage adjustment has 66 clicks=.260”

Elevation adjustment has 85 click=.335”

Each click is about 1/4” of adjustment at 100 yards

The further the target the smaller the aperture is recommended.

To adjust windage, turn windage knob clockwise to move right and counter clockwise to move left. 

To adjust the elevation, turn elevation knob to left to move up and to the right to move down. Never move tang fully forward or damage will occur to sight.

Marble Arms® has improved the classic peep tang sight to accommodate all shooters regardless of the distance that they shoot. The cowboy shooter and hunter both have asked to have the ability to shoot at 30 yards out to 500 yards and in some cases 1000 yards with the same gun and sight. We have taken our popular Marble Arms® Peep Sight that has elevation and windage adjustment and made it more versatile in the field.

Marble Arms® Improved Peep Tang Sight Screw Set 
*Some commemorative or limited addition models may have variation in the screw length.

1. Sight in gun with factory sights to 100 yards

2. Adjust peep tang sight so that you are in the middle of the adjustment- windage and elevation.

3. Place peep tang sight on tang so that when looking through peep sight aperture, all sights are in alignment.

4. Mark the holes-#009800 hole spacing is 2.185” center to center. 

5. Make sure you are center (left to right) on the tang.

6. Remove stock and put gun in vise

7. Center punch holes.

8. Recheck for center alignment.

9. Drill with undersize drill, in case you are not center. Drill size #32 or smaller for both holes.

10. Now that you are center-drill with #21 drill bit and tap with a #10-32 tap.

11. Keep chips from entering gun by using a heavy tap oil when tapping.

12. Remove chips and mount sight.

13. Some cases you may have to shorten the screws.

14. Remove gun from vise and reinstall stock.

The sight base remains mounted to the tang as before and with a twist of the setscrew the post is removed.

Select the post height that you want and press the post into place firmly then tighten the setscrew.

These highly precision CNC machined parts match up every time for repeatability. The guide stud is machined from 4140 steel and heat treated for strength and hardness. We machined graduation lines on the elevation barrel, which adjusts in .004” increments per click. We have also added a jam nut to lock in your elevation. This gives you the advantage of pre-setting an assortment of uprights to be locked in at desired yardage.

​We have made this sight to be used by the traditional long-range shooters as an alternate to a Vernier or Soule style sight. You can purchase (separately) additional shorter posts  as well as mid and long-range posts, giving you the versatility to shoot many guns out over 1000 yards.  The long-range post has 2 inches of elevation adjustment. All of our sights are machined with the same care and quality that we that has been a tradition for over 110 years.

Marble Arms® Improved Peep Tang Sight List by Sight Number

Marble Arms® Improved Peep Tang Ordering Process

#009800-#009808 Peep Tang Sight Installation