Continuing Marble Arms ® mission of "blending time tested tradition with modern technology" we are introducing a self illuminating shotgun bead. This sight is precision machined from solid steel to house the tritium capsule that illuminates your front sight in the dark. This, in combination with a ghost ring rear sight is the perfect combination for law enforcement shotguns and home defense weapons.

Mid-Rib Shotgun Beads are compatible with any of our traditional front shotgun beads including our "Expert" Shotgun Beads. Available in either stake-in Ivory tapered shank for press fit or brass threaded style. Place the mid-rib beads at the center of the barrel or 12" to 16" from the muzzle sight to insure perfect alignment with your front sight.

Marble Arms® "Expert" shotgun beads are used exclusively by a number of major shotgun manufacturers. This style of bead can be rib mounted or directly mounted on plain barrel shotguns. Our ivory and gold beads will appeal to most traditionalists. The Marble Arms ® "Expert" bead body is precision machined from solid steel on our 5-1/2 axis CNC turning centers.

Marble Arms ® "Expert" shotgun beads are also available with fluorescent orange and green fiber optic cable. The cables are UV protected and permanently bonded to our machined from solid steel "Expert" bases.
These brilliantly glowing beads will stand out in all light conditions and extend your shooting hours on heavily overcast days in the field.
Bright enough to see clearly but unobtrusive enough to not alter the traditional look of your shotgun. Wing shooters and clay target enthusiasts will really be impressed with the light gathering qualities of the Marble’s ® Fiber Optic "Expert" shotgun beads. Fiber Optic Expert Beads Tritium Expert

Mid-Rib Shotgun Bead

Marble Arms® Shotgun Sight Installation

Extra-Lum Expert Bead

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Drill & Tap Size Chart

To align the sight to the barrel you may have to slightly chamfer the hole in the barrel or rib. This is done with a larger drill bit. (Using only your fingers to spin the drill to remove a little metal from around the tapped hole.) You want the sight to be finger tight with about an 1/8 of a turn left before it is aligned. Remove the sight and use a drop of Locktite and install the sight. You can use a small wrench to adjust the sight to align with the barrel. If the shank is showing in the bore of the barrel you will have to shorten the shank.

Marble Arms® Shotgun Thread Size Chart

Marble Arms ® “ Extra-Lum Expert" shotgun beads have 50 percent more light gathering qualities of our standard florescent beads. This extra bright bead really stands out in any light conditions. You can really rely on the brilliant “Extra-Lum Expert" bead. The UV protected fiber optic cable is permanently bonded to our machined from solid steel base. The ends are highly polished to further guarantee as much light transfer to the eye as possible. Waterfowl hunters, turkey hunters and clay target shooters will find the “Extra-Lum Expert" a true enhancement to their shooting abilities.

Marble Arms® Expert Shotgun Bead Chart

Tritium Expert Shotgun Bead

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Fiber Optic Expert Bead