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Webster Marble arrived in Gladstone, Michigan in 1887 and five years later began manufacturing his first invention:  Marble’s Universal Rifle Sight.  Recession and the “Panic of 1893” delayed further sight developments until 1902 when Marble introduced his Improved Front Sight.

By 1909, when the Marble Safety Axe Company introduced its Game Getter Gun, Webster Marble was already famous for his inventive genius.  The new gun became his masterpiece.

​A diehard minimalist, Marble believed most outings were spoiled by poor equipment and too much of it.  


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When professional woodsman and inventor Webster Marble sailed into Gladstone Michigan's harbor in 1887, he reached the end of his rainbow and found his pot of gold. In the still virgin wilderness, he designed and manufactured his first gun sight in 1892. Over the next two decades he put together the world's best-selling line of rifle, pistol and shotgun sights.

Today, Marble Arms continues to supply the finest quality gun sights to arms makers, hunters, recreational shooters and gun collectors worldwide. Built with quality, dependability and lasting value the next generation of gun sights are truly sights worth seeing.

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Marble Arms manufactures an impressive lineup of traditional and modern sights for every sporting arm and continues to supply factory equipment sights for most American gun makers.  As always, Marble’s products are all steel, all American, and all Gladstone, Michigan U.S.A.