Universal Rear Sights

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#30 Universal Rear Sights

Marble Arms® Universal Sight Uprights Chart

Marble Arms® Universal Sight/Base Chart

By far, Marble Arms® Universal Sights are the most versatile barrel mounted sight available today.  The system combines a strong, sleek ramping style base with the option of interchangeable Peep aperture or Semi-Buckhorn “U” shaped sighting uprights to accommodate the individual shooting styles of any hunter.  The uprights can be changed or easily adjusted and is locked down with a tension screw.  Elevation adjustment has been improved with our new push button system that allows you to quickly change your elevation in the field in a matter of seconds.  The evenly spaced graduation lines allow you to repeat your adjustments every time.  Once set, these sights are rock solid and will hold up to the roughest use.  All of the components are CNC machined from solid steel- no casings, no stampings.

Marble Arms® has designed one of the most versatile barrel-mounted fiber optic rear sights that can be used on modern rifles, slug shotguns, and muzzleloaders.  The brilliantly glowing fiber optics is 100% protected in our reflector channels so you can walk through dense brush without fear of damaging the optic cables.  You can make precision elevation adjustments with our new push button adjusting system  The sight is available in all standard barrel contours and flat for octagon barrels.  Marble’s fiber optics are UV protected for long life.