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For young or inexperienced shooters, the urge to drop out the rear sight for a clearer view of the target is hard to resist. Even veteran shooters now and then peek—and overshoot.

The new Marble Arms® Bullseye sight stops the peeks! The moment the rear sight is misaligned, the front sight drifts out of the center ring, signaling the shooter to cheek the stock and make correction. It’s instantaneous, obvious, and fool proof.

But there’s more advantage to the Bullseye. In the same way
peep sights naturally center the front bead in the aperature, so too does the Bullseye—automatically.


Teaming the Bullseye with one of Marble Arms ® Fiber Optic front sights makes it double easy to stay dead on in

any shooting light.

Available in short and long traditional sporting styles or the fixed sight .22, the Bullseye promises all shooters—

target, game, and cowboy action—quicker target acquisition, fail safe alignment, and improved accuracy. All without

clumsy add-ons that mar the pure lines of a quality firearms.

It’s the perfect combination of innovation and tradition you’ve come to expect from Marble Arms®.

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